Spa Packages

 Spa Day Packages at Cedar Stone 

Our packages are offered at special rates.  A discount is included in each spa day package listed below. treatment-packages-quad Enjoy the combination of services that allow you to sink deeper into a calm, serene state of wellness.  We have packages for Any Body, Couples and Pre-Natal.   Group packages are listed under the “Group Events” tab on the main menu.

If you would like to schedule a meal or light snack between services during your spa day, please let us know.  We can arrange for a meal at your request from a special spa food menu. (Advanced notice is required.)


Packages For Any Body

Cedar Stone Simplicity    (1 Hour 15 min)   $85

Get the bare essentials done—even on a busy schedule.  And yes, we consider massage an essential!
  •  On the Go Facial
  • 45 Min Therapeutic Massage

Cedar Stone Standard    (2 Hours 10 min)  $130

Our most popular package.  Renew your body and mind!

  • 70 Min Therapeutic Massage or Stone Massage
  • 60 Min Signature Facial

Cedar Stone Serenity  (3 Hours 15 min)  $145

Take a few hours to escape the outer world and explore your inner space while we transform your body, skin and spirit.

  • 70 Min Therapeutic Massage
  •  Spa Manicure
  • Spa Pedicure
  •  Includes Aromatherapy

 Cedar Stone Retreat  (3 Hours 30 min)  $165

facial2A true sensory experience, guaranteed to renew your body, mind and spirit.
  • Advanced European Facial
  • Spa Manicure
  • Spa Pedicure

 Cedar Stone Body    (3 Hours)   $185

The mission of this complete package is clear–to take you on an unforgettable journey of decompression and rejuvenation.  From head to toe–including scalp, neck shoulders, back, legs, and feet — your therapists will ensure that all areas are restored.

  • 90 Min Therapeutic Massage
  • Back Salt Scrub
  • 45 Min Reflexology
  • Sole Soak
  • Includes Aromatherapy

Cedar Stone Nature    (4 Hours)   $200spa party

Get back to your true nature with this package designed to treat your body, skin, nails and senses.  No area is left behind as you are restored to your natural balanced self.

  • 70 Min Therapeutic Massage
  • 60 Min Facial
  • Spa Manicure
  • Spa Pedicure
  • Includes Aromatherapy

 Cedar Stone Spirit   (3 Hours 45 min)   $275

Inspired by Native American Healing Arts, this combination of energy work and stone massage treatments  renews your spirit and mind.

  • 60 Min Healing Hands Energy Work
  • Shaman Stone Massage Treatment
  • Back, Hand, Foot Salt Scrub
  • Bury the Soul Stone Massage Treatment

 Cedar Stone Detox  (4 Hours 50 min)   $280

Cleansing and detoxification of body, mind and soul, this package is eloquently designed to effortlessly support the  release of toxins and stress.  Experience the restorative qualities of detoxification treatments along with nutritional support.

  • 60 Min Facial Reflexology
  • Nutritional Break–Protein Smoothie
  • Rain Bath Aromatherapy Detoxification Treatment
  • Nutritional Break–Vegetable Juice
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • Green Tea Collagen Mask

Cedar Stone Experience  (5 Hours 15 min)  $280

A full day spa package designed for your whole body.  Gently experience the bliss of massage, the healing of facial skin care and the pampering of spa nail care.
  • 90 Min  Therapeutic Massagemindbodyspiritstones
  • Back Salt Scrub
  • 90 Min Advanced European Facial
  • Spa Manicure
  • Spa Pedicure
  • Includes Aromatherapy

 Cedar Stone Delight  (5 Hours 5 min)   $295

Allow your being to delight in this full day spa package.  Inspired by Native American Healing Arts where wellness of body and soul intertwine,  this combination of services offers therapies for the body, skin and spirit.

  • Sole Soak (Foot Sanctuary)
  • 45 Min Reflexology
  • 70 Min Sacred Stroke Massage Treatment
  • 60 Min Signature Facial
  • 60 Min Body Salt Scrub and Light Relaxation Massage
  • Paraffin Treatment for Hands and Feet

Packages for Couples

Couples Massage Retreat (90 Minutes)   $200 per couple

Enjoy our couples room for shared relaxation time together.2-robes-hanging

  • 90 Minute Therapeutic Massage
  • Includes Aromatherapy

Body & Solemates (2 Hours 10 Minutes)   $220 per couple

Side-by-Side Couples Massage and Spa pedicures in our private Pedicure Suite.

  • 70 Minute Therapeutic Massage
  • Spa Pedicure
  • Includes Aromatherapy

Love Nest (2 Hours 10 Minutes)   $260 per couple

Come and nestle into our couples room for shared therapeutic body, mind and spirit treatments.

  • 70 Minute Therapeutic Massage
  • 60 Minute Signature Facial
  • Includes Aromatherapy

 Spa Lovers (3 Hours 10 Minutes)   $330 per couple

Enter our couples room with a side-by-side treatment area aimed at creating a memorable time of wellness together.  Begin with a massage, slowly shifting into facial skin care and then move into our pedicure suite to finish the Spa Lovers package.

  • 70 Minute Therapeutic Massage
  • 60 Minute Signature Facial
  • Spa Pedicure
  • Includes Aromatherapy

Packages for Pre-Natal Care

 Great Expectations Spa Day  (3 Hours 45 Minutes)  $185

deep_clean_facialCelebrate this special time of life with treatments that allow the mother-to-be a day to slip into deeper connection with body, mind and spirit as she experiences the joys of pre-motherhood.

  •  60 Minute Pre-Natal Massage
  •  60 Minute European Facial
  •  Spa Pedicure
  •  Spa Manicure

Packages of Therapeutic Massages

5 Full 70 Min Therapeutic Massages

Treat yourself or shower a loved one with the ultimate treatment for health and wellness. Schedule the massages at your convenience. $350