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Cedar Stone Therapeutic Wellness Massage

Experience peaceful relaxation and restorative health with a Cedar Stone massage. Practitioners combine Swedish, deep tissue, joint mobilization, and stone techniques with natural basalt stones to create a bodywork session tailored to your needs.

•  45 mins $50

•  70 mins $80

•  90 mins $100

120mins  $130


Neuromuscular/Sports Massage

Neuromuscular Therapy manipulates the soft tissue of the body (muscles, tendons and connective tissue) to balance the central nervous system. This massage energizes, relieves swelling, reduces muscle tension, and promotes flexibility. Sports therapy helps to alleviate the stress, tension and toxins which build up in the body’s soft tissues during overexertion and demanding physical activities.

• Approx 60 mins $75
• Approx 90 mins $100

Stone Massage

mens massageExperience Cedar Stone signature basalt stone healing through hot and cold stone applications. Stone massage is an ancient Native American healing technique for rejuvenating tired and sore muscles.

• Full Approx 70 mins $80
 • Deluxe Approx 90 mins $100



Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic massage stimulates the lymphatic system to improve metabolism, promote the removal of bodily toxins and waste, and encourages a healthy immune system. Our lymphatic massage includes hot stones, pressure point therapy, therapeutic massage and hot steamy towels.  Approx 100 mins. $150

Three Dimensional Massagethai-massage1

Enjoy an hour of relaxing massage and gentle stretching artfully blended with mobilization techniques for healthy joints, relaxed muscles, and a peaceful mind. Great for stress relief and recovery for all joint related complaints.  This massage is done with clothes on and does not use oil. 60 mins $85


Myofacial Release

A Massage therapy technique focusing on soft connective tissue. Soft tissue can become restricted due to overuse, trama, infectus agents or inactivity. Deep tissue myofacial release is recommended for those with restrictive movement, chronic pain or those seeking an intense theraputic massage. Approx 90 mins $100

trigger pointTrigger Point Therapy

This massage is designed to alleviate sources of pain by releasing trigger points with cycles of isolated pressure and release. An excellent treatment to help rehabilitate old injuries, muscle fatigue, and chronic pain conditions. Approx 90 mins $100





Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy offers more broad, weight bearing pressure and therefore is not as pinpointed and a lot more effective to the body as a whole. The slow barefoot gliding techniques will immediately alleviate pain, reduce stress, help with posture and much more. Whether you sit at a desk all day, are very athletic or generally hold a lot of tension in your body and are searching for a deeper “sole” approach, Ashiatsu is right for you and will change your life.

  • 30 min $35
  • 45 min $50
  • 60 min $75
  • 90 min $100
  • 120 min $150

Couples Massage

A Massage designed to be shared. Our couple’s massage is personalized to your individual needs. Each person will relax with a Therapeutic Wellness Massage being delivered simultaneously with their partner, loved one, or friend. Please call or book online to set up a special time to share together.   We offer a 70 minute session or a 90 minute session.

70 mins $160 per couple   90 mins $200 per couple

Pre & Post Natal Massagedeep_clean_facial

Pre & Post Natal Stone Massage – Support expecting mother’s changing body at any point in her pregnancy. Pregnancy massage can provide relaxation, reduce stress, decrease swelling in arms/ankles/legs, relieve muscle and stressed joints from aches and pains, assist to relieve sciatic nerve pain, promote healthy circulation, and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression associated with hormonal changes. Massage can also enhance the pliability of skin and tissues to reduce stretch marks.

$75  Call to book an appointment to discuss your needs.

Sacred Strokes

Sacred Strokes refers to Traditional Stone Massage inspired by Native American Healing Arts where wellness of body and soul intertwine.  These sessions provide treatment for many conditions such as stress, anxiety, nervous system imbalances, energetic imbalances, and muscular contractions.  This treatment offers therapies for the body and spirit. Approx 90-120 min $100

Spa Treatments


facial reflexologyStrengthen your body’s energetic system with pressure point therapy in the feet.  Reflexology can bring relief from aches and pains in the entire body.   In this session,  foot, hand and ear reflexology are combined for a whole body treatment.   Approx 60 min $70

 Facial Reflexology

Realign the body’s natural energetic flow with pressure point therapy.   This unique and innovative treatment can treat many mobility issues, hormone balancing, mental health, and stress management.  Approx 60 min $70


Salt Glow

Therapeutic salts and essential oils are applied to the body in a relaxing massage. The salts stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells that block pores and dull the skin. Hydrate and re-mineralize the skin while strengthening the immune and lymphatic systems. Our salt glow is delivered with dry skin brushing, hot towel steam, and a light Swedish massage after the salt application leaving the body renewed and the skin feeling silky smooth and vibrant.  Approx 75 min $85


Rainbath Aromatherapy

Rejuvenate your senses. The purpose of this therapy is to re-balance the physical through affecting the body’s electrical system with   plant oils, aromas, hot and cold stones and a light massage. This unique Native American treatment uses a delicate balance of oils chosen to aid the body in a detox, releasing chemical imbalances from stress and anxiety.  Approx 70 Min $80


European Facial 60 min

A deep cleansing facial including extractions to cleanse pores, with a purifying masque, toner and rejuvenating massage.  We will personalize your facial for you and your skin, using Eminence Organic Clear Skin Probiotic, Firm Skin Acai, Calm Skin or Bright Skin, with medicinal herbs and fruits selected especially for your skin.  Our facials are everything you expect from high performance products and techniques for a relaxing, soothing experience.   Take the first step to managing your skin for results and rejuvenation.  $75



Healing-Hands1Healing Hands or Reiki Energy Treatment

Restore your body’s natural state of balance and well-being. Energies are redirected to the body’s natural balance point. Healing Hands, a Native American energy work, is  helpful for stress, immunity problems, and emotional distress.   Reiki, a Japanese inspired energy work is similar in application and treatment.  Both energy treatments are available.   Approx 70 Min $70


Spa Treatment Extras

Add these service enhancements to any massage or bodywork treatment to deepen your experience.

oilflowerAromatherapy Enhancement
Choose an essential oil to compliment your massage: calming lavender, restorative cedar, energizing citrus or rejuvenating rose. $10

Scalp Treatment
Oil is applied to the hair and scalp, gently soothing the scalp and nourishing your hair. Stimulates hair growth and a healthy scalp. $15

Castor Oil Packcastoroil pack
Castor Oil is applied to the abdomen with hot towels and hot stones.  A soothing remedy to support detoxification and promote stress relief. $10

Green Tea Collagen Mask
This energizing  facial mask offers intense hydrating and essential antioxidants to help neutralize harmful free radicals. Tone your skin, prevent wrinkles, and reduce inflammation and redness with this uplifting mask. $20

sea salt scrub    Back Salt Scrub
Therapeutic salts are applied to the back to exfoliate the skin and stimulate the lymphatic system. Hot towels and an essential oil application complete this treatment. $20