Foot Sanctuary


Cedar Stone Foot Sanctuary

Your feet bring you from one place to the next.  It’s time to give them a break and feel your whole body come into balance while enjoying tea and quietude.  Slip your feet into a luxurious warm soak with essential oils of your choosing.  Sink deeper into relaxation and well-being by selecting one of our signature reflexology sessions or massages.

Massage or reflexology can enhance and bring about deeper relaxation to your session by applying pressure to certain point on the foot where sensory nerves of the body’s inner organs are believed to be connected.  Massaging and pressing those specific points on the soles of the feet produces a therapeutic effect in the corresponding parts of the body to alleviate stress and promote the body’s ability to heal itself.

We offer several different foot treatments listed below.  Enjoy our Sole Treatments or Classic Pedicure Foot Therapies.


 Our Sole Treatments                                                                                  Book Online Here

Sole Soak  $25

Designed for deep cleansing and rejuvenation.  Includes a soak in sea salt bath and essential oils then a nail shaping and exfoliation for smooth feet.   30 minutes 

Sole Soak & Massage  $50

Sole Soak plus 20 minutes of massage on the lower legs.    50 minutes 


Sole Soak & Reflexology  $60

Sole Soak plus 30 minutes of reflexology.   60 minutes



Pedicure Foot Therapies

Cedar Stone Pedicure   $30

Our Cedar Stone Pedicure provides all your basic nail care needs.  This service includes trimming, nail shaping, soaking nails, cuticle work, exfoliation, massage and polish with your choice of color.

Spa Pedicure   $40

This unique Spa Pedicure will bring your delight your feet and body!  This service includes everything in the Cedar Stone Pedicure along with a salt scrub, hot stones, massage of foot and lower leg and polish with your choice of color.

Foot Paraffin Treatment  $10

Add paraffin to any pedicure or sole soak.  Paraffin treatments can alleviate pain from arthritis, joint pain, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, sore muscles and can increase circulation

Polish Change  $15

We remove old polish and re-apply.  Nails will be trimmed, shaped and buffed.

French Nails   $8

Add a French nail design for an additional $8

The Importance of Quality Foot Care

Most people may not consider just how important proper tootsie care is.  Consider this-do you normally think of foot maintenance?  Probably not until something starts hurting, right?  And when something does start hurting, think about how detrimental that can be.  Your happiness is affected.  Your mobility is affected.  Your work productivity s affected.  Your energy is affected.  A person’s entire quality of life is affected.

Furthermore, when your feet are hurting, it puts the rest of your body in peril.  If you have a sore toe, you tend to walk differently to manage the pain.  However, re-establishing your body’s natural gait will catch up to you.  Knee, hip, and back problems can all originate from a simple change in your gait.

Just like a house, our feet are our body’s foundation.  When the foundation of a house is crumbling, it affects the integrity of the entire structure.  Our bodies are no different.  Maintain your body’s natural foundation and live a healthier, more natural, pain-free life.